Berk Yagli

Guitarist, Composer, and Producer


I am a guitarist, composer, and producer from Cyprus. My music journey officially started at the age of 12 by forming my dream band and performing more than 70 gigs including festivals, charity concerts, and competitions (in 2014 I got awarded first place in best instrument performance) until I graduated from high school.

I have been active in the UK for the last 5 years due to my education in BSc Music and Sound Technology (University of Portsmouth), MA in Composition (University of Sheffield), and currently at the University of the Arts London working under Adam Stanovic for my Ph.D. topic: FUSION: A CRITICAL AND COMPOSITIONAL INVESTIGATION OF METHODS FOR ELECTROACOUSTIC AND METAL HYBRIDISATION.

My music has been presented in the UK and internationally including Espacios Sonoros (Salta, Argentina), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (New York, US), International Computer Music Conference (Limerick, Ireland), Sound Junction (Sheffield, UK), Convergence-De Montfort (Leicester, UK), BFE/RMA Research Student’s Conference (Plymouth, UK).

My main mission with my music is to talk about social, political, and philosophical matters interestingly to invite the listeners into reflecting on the topics. I am interested in hybridizing ideas and conventions in music to create something new and exciting.

I composed, produced, and released a cinematic/epic social commentary progressive metal album ‘Symphony of Humanity’ in 2021. I also composed, produced, and released a collaborative dual lead-guitar driven metal EP ‘’Düellett – Self Untitled’’ in 2021.

My music has been presented numerous times on Cypriot national televisions and radio and got awarded first in Best Music Video on the Top 5 Music Videos programme.



Electroacoustic Music Compositions

Grains of Temporality

Progressive/Symphonic Metal Compositions

Symphony of Humanity (FULL ALBUM) (2021)

Production Experiences

Dancing with Anubis

(2018, December) Composing of the whole piece, performing solo and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, keyboard and Baglama-saz parts and recording of these parts have been done by me.

The drums were played by Eran Ekiz

Mixing and Mastering of the piece has been done by Re-Chord Studios

Özgürlük (Freedom)

(2017, July) Composing of the whole parts, performing solo and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, keyboard and vocals have been done by me.

This was my first recording experience. In this project, all of the instruments except the drums were played by me. The drums were played by Eran Ekiz. The mix and mastering have been done by Re-Chord Studios.


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